Our designing of a landscape project is flexible and all designers are different, however the following will hopefully serve as useful guide

The Design.

  • Initial Visit

We meet you on-site to discuss in greater detail the proposed project and assess the site. All sites and clients are different, and so this gives both yourself and ourselves the chance to really clarify what it is that we all wish to achieve. After this meeting, a written brief summarises the agreed on points and forms the basis for our work.

  • Site Survey

Where possible, we will carry out a survey ourselves. This is to save on the cost of a topographical survey carried out by professional surveyor. Unfortunately though, some sites are just too difficult and complex and require the aforementioned full survey. We’ll advise at the initial visit stage.

  • Concept Plan

This is where the fun begins. Following our initial visit and subsequent brief, we prepare a concept of what we envisage for the site. This is presented in a variety of formats, including pencil and watercolour sketches, mood boards and computer models. Its purpose is to convey to you what we see in our own minds eye and ensure that we are fulfilling the brief before the plans are finally set down.

  • Master Plan

We now transfer the concept to the drawing board and complete highly detailed plans. This includes a fully rendered copy for yourself, and separate construction and planting plans for contractors. 


Project Management.

  • Tender

Once the master plan has been approved, this then serves as the basis for tender. These plans are sent to potential contractors, who can submit accurate budgets for completion. Once received back, we review the tenders with yourself and assist in the selection of a contractor.

  • Construction

Once construction begins, we oversee the project, attending regular meetings with all contractors and ensuring that the design is built to the highest standard and in-line with the master design. 

  • Planting

Depending on the project, we can provide all planting and soft landscaping. Once this planting is complete, we return regularly to ensure that all plants have taken correctly and are in good health. These visits are carried out whether we have carried out the soft landscaping ourselves, or not.


Post Build

  • Maintenance

We provide our clients with a detailed maintenance schedule and advice, covering each individual species of plant in the garden. Purtell Design can also carry out skilled maintenance to Royal Horticultural Society standard on an agreed schedule. Most importantly, we always remain on hand to advise and assist long after the garden has been created.