RHS Chatsworth

RHS Chatsworth, here we come..

Not mad enough to only complete one show garden this year, I’ll be travelling to the beautiful peak district later this week to begin the build of ‘tending the mind’, a small (6mx4m) show garden under the ‘mindfulness’ category at the show. The garden is a contemporary vision of a herb garden, complete with cascading water features and sleek planters. 

When given the brief of mindfulness by the RHS back in oct of last year (Yes, over 6 months of work into this tiny garden..) I was at first baffled by the remit. But looking back at my own horticultural journey, I realised that mindfulness and the relief of stress has always been a key ingredient to my own gardens. Back in the dark old days of working in the city, I had a very similar sized garden in central London, indeed, it was my first garden. Building up a small herb garden gave me a great escape after coming home from a day in the office and so looking back at my own experiences, was the answer to the brief and the hope that other people will appreciate this intimate style of gardening. 

If you get the chance to visit the show over the 4th to 9th of June, please do say hello! I’d love to tell you more..