What makes your design unique?

Most people appreciate that a design is unique to a space. Whether it's a small courtyard or a rambling estate, a design is site specific, as if nothing else, each space has its own unique measurements and dimensions. In its most simplistic, a garden of 100sqm, couldn't have an identical garden to one that is 90sqm. Few people realise though, just how very unique our designs are and how we tie the design into the very fabric on the location. 

To achieve this, every design at Purtell Parker-Smith is derived from key structural elements of the surrounding area and building(s). By drawing lines extruding out into the landscape from key architectural elements of the house, such as windows, doorways and corners, we can ensure that the wider space remains in perfect proportion and avoids becoming a disjointed attachment. 

An example can be seen below. By running lines out from the key features of the main residence on the left, we have the basis for a design which places the home at the centre of all our design work. These are merely lines on the drawing table at this stage, however we now know that any future elements added to the garden need to be in proportion to these key lines in order to reach a design which 'speaks' to the house and wider space.


And these lines that we use, do not only need to run from elements of the main residence. Prominent features in the landscape such as trees, and distant views can all be incorporated into the design and by doing so, create a design which is truly unique to the space and which sits happily in its context. 

But these are not the only methods Purtell Parker-Smith use. Really getting to know our clients matters. Spending time to understanding their taste in music, art and popular culture, all plays an important part in making a representation of this is the design. Cherished art works, favourite musicians and cultural influences come together and drive the design, rather than the design being a mere creation of our own tastes. Working with this in mind, Purtell Parker-Smith can and have, drawn artistic representations of clients sculpture and art into the very planting schemes of the wider design. Splashes of colour and bold groupings of plants that derive directly from images chosen by the clients, ensuring that the finished space is deeply personal and above all, truly unique. 

So in a very brief synopsis of the process, we hope you can see that a design from Purtell Parker-Smith is completely yours, and yours only. 

Enjoy your day!