When to start your dream garden?

When should you hire a designer? 

Probably not when you would think. 

Typically, business for designers and landscapers picks up in the spring, after a long and quiet winter, however when you think about this, its counterproductive. 

Spring is just dawning and of course our mind turns towards the garden. Hope of a sunny summer, BBQ’s with friends and overflowing flower beds ultimately mean that any ideas of re-landscaping the yard come to the front of our minds, however the amount of time involved in such a project, is often not. 

Even with a set of design plans in your hand, how long do you think it would take to begin the actual work? 1 month? 2?? Unfortunately, peoples expectations here are often rudely shaken, as leading landscape companies often have a lead time of at least 6 months, if not considerably longer. And so while you may be dreaming of spending the summer in your new garden, the reality is that it will be the following summer that you get to open that bottle of champagne. 

Secondly, think about what time of year that it makes sense to carry out the work. 

People naturally envision landscaping work being carried out in the better weather of spring and summer, however if you’re carrying out a large project, do you really want your outside space, often over looked by the kitchen, turned into a building site over the best weather of the year? Landscapers are experienced and more than happy to work in all weather, and this includes the dark days of winter, and so I’d argue that the best time of year to literally dig up the garden, are these winter weeks, just when you wont be using it. And the best part? Careful planning means that the work is done when you are in-side and all complete for the first days of spring, just when you your mind is emerging from the long dark winter days and keen to get outside…